Documentary On Declassified Maya Artifacts Apparently

September 16, 2012 - We wrote something up on this a month or more back, when the apparent documentary appeared to be in shambles due to one of its financiers, a socialite named Elisabeth Thieriot, apparently fleeing mexico with stocks of film and footage the team had already produced.

A lawsuit began from the films producer Julia-Levy against Thieroit, and it appears a Judge in Los Angelos has sided with the production crew against the socialite. So, things are looking up. The film is now in the process of being produced, and set to distribution this Christmas

According to producer Julia-Levy, the film will, for the first time, chronicle the finds within a chamber of the Maya pyramid at Calakmul.

Levy claims the chamber houses many many inscriptions and artefacts clearly showing and outlining the history of Alien and UFO contact with the ancient Maya peoples, as well as information regarding a major catastrophe due within the next 10-15 years where a majority of the Earths' population will be wiped out. I have been following this story for quite sometime, reading their facebook page and the likes - I had thought it tapered off into the oblivion of a hoax or false claims. But, it looks like the documentary is still going full steam ahead, and with some pretty spectacular claims.

Levy has also planned to gather famous rock musicians like U2, Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young to participate in, honour, and play a show at the Maya temples for December 21, 2012.

Levy was quoted as saying "according to the Mayan Council, archaeologists have been lying to the world and covering things up" in response to the man in charge of the Meso-american institute of research into Archaeology, who plainly said anything relating to UFO's and Aliens in Archaeological history is complete bunk.

Anyway folks, it's an interesting story to follow. Of course, from our perspective, we hope and cannot wait for this to be released!

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